Kits and MRO Packaging

Designed-to-Spec Kits.

Not every project is the same. That’s why we take materials, space requirements, shipping and packaging specifications, and individual products into consideration when we design our custom kit solutions.Your order is guaranteed to fit your space and project perfectly.

Organization: Save Time & Cut Costs.

We have various options for tool organization ranging from bags and packs to fully-developed tool cribs and containers. Whether you’re looking to organize tools within your existing cabinets and lockers with our custom foam cutouts, or if something more involved is needed, we are your go-to provider.

Tool Management.

We have experience developing tool kits for several industries, including aviation, construction, automotive, and more. We understand the difference between visual tool management and strictly enforced FOD and FME requirements, and we can tailor a management program to suit your specific needs.

Leave the search to us.

Looking to incorporate a unique product or tool with your kit or package? No problem. We can do the sourcing for you, and integrate the components into your kit. We also offer complete life-cycle management for components in your kit, including warranty assistance and replacement tool sourcing, ensuring your new tool meets or exceeds current standards.

Tool Identification.

At SouthCo, we have laser tool engraving capabilities to match your identification system –  whether you’re looking for etching for a specific kit, or serially marked tools. As part of our customization interviews, our sales representatives will be sure to check for any tool identification needs you may have, and can explain our marking processes.

We offer Digital and On-SiteTool Management Technology.

Sometimes you don’t have the time for someone to actually go on-site and manually check inventories, manage updates, and handle replacements. This is where SouthCo Supply comes in. We partner with some of the leading manufacturers in RFID technology to make sure that your tools, along with all components of your custom kits and packages, are easily identifiable and traceable through mobile systems technology. Save inventory time by monitoring the actual physical location of your assets from a centralized location. 

SouthCo is ready to assist with all your tool needs.